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3 Ways Occupational Therapy Helps You

Posted by Brian Spence on May 8, 2020 3:31:13 PM

Healthcare, Occupational Therapy, Allied HealthcareOccupational therapists play a critical role in helping people engage in daily life. They do this by using a holistic approach to address their challenges and injuries. These professionals do not only work to understand how patients' injuries impact them, but also how they can readjust them to resume their normal lives.

Through an approach that encompasses promotion, rehabilitation, and habilitation, occupational therapy is an effective treatment option that helps you regain your ability to perform normal tasks. Here are a few benefits of this treatment method.

Improve Individual Independence

The primary role of occupational therapy is to help patients become more reliant on themselves. An occupational therapist will guide you on how to regain your strength, both physical and mental, so that you can perform simple skills by yourself. In most cases, a therapist offers compensatory techniques that can improve your ability to control yourself, and accordingly be in a position to complete tasks such as bathing, walking, and going to the bathroom without assistance.

Develop Memory Aid

Memory loss can result from various causes, the most common being old age, injuries, and illness. Treating this problem requires a therapist to stimulate the brain through exercises and tricks; these exercises tend to improve the organization of the brain while increasing memory and attention. Common memory aids used by occupational therapists include;

  • Using audio books
  • Playing games that boost memory
  • Marking important dates on the calendar
  • Using computers to improve everyday life

Occupational therapists are trained to focus on individual cases and design treatment options that address specific problems using personalized approaches.

Advise on Adaptive Equipment and Home Modifications

Injuries often make it difficult or impossible to use equipment normally; for instance, after back surgery, you are likely to find trouble using the stairs. As such, you might want your house to be modified in a way that you can move around comfortably. An occupational therapist can help you to make the necessary modifications to minimize inconveniences as much as possible. In any case, addressing potential hazards at home is part of their responsibility, and therefore something they are qualified to do.

No doubt, occupational therapy can go a long way in helping you to overcome everyday challenges, and accordingly, get your life back.

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