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3 Uncommon Reasons Why You Should See a Physical Therapist

Posted by Brian Spence on Jul 12, 2019 8:00:00 AM

Physical Therapy, Allied HealthPhysical therapists have been known recently for being the first "Go-To" person for doctors, especially in the orthopedic field. This is because doctors know that PT's are highly trained specialists whose primary focus is to help patients get movements back that have been compromised.

If you go to a doctor for knee pain you may be surprised to look at the prescription for physical therapy. The prescription could state your basic symptoms but it could also state "Diagnose and Treat." Some may assume that the diagnosis part was what you went to the doctor for but he insisted that the PT would be the one who would not only treat the issue but also diagnose it. You can learn a lot about Physical Therapists and why we should see them, sometimes before seeing a regular doctor. Of course, if you feel like you have a fracture or some other kind of trauma, you should always see a doctor first to rule out anything that exercise could make worse.

That Tightness in your Neck or Back that Won't Go Away

We have all been there. Wake up one morning and you have slept in a way that you shouldn't and now your neck has lost mobility. When you go see a PT for this routine tightness, they will work their magic with the tools of the trade, including cups, dry needling and their hands to help get that tightness out without making it worse. Once they get your soreness taken care of they will then help you to build up those muscles because strong muscles do not get injured as easily as those that are weak.

After Accident Care

When you have been in an accident, such as an auto accident or fall, odds are that you have some tight muscles and soft tissue injuries that need to be addressed. Your Physical Therapist will help get you on the right path to become 100% pain free without the use of harsh narcotic drugs that can become addictive and have harsh side effects.

Whiplash is the most common type of injury from an accident. While this used to be a condition that was treated only by muscle relaxers and narcotic pain pills, seldom did it ever achieve 100% function but something "close." Today, a Physical Therapist can help get this injury closer than ever to where the patient was before the accident. While the initial injury, if severe enough, may need some medications temporarily, thanks to physical therapy, they can get off the medications and get back to their active lifestyle in no time at all.

Getting Older

We are all getting older but that does not mean we have to get "Old." We still want to be active and do the things we enjoy like hiking, biking, fishing and skiing but sometimes our aching joints do not agree. Believe it or not, you do not need to suffer in silence or just stop doing what you enjoy, you can have a few visits with a Physical Therapist who will get you on track to keep doing the activities you enjoy. They will create a routine for you to do either at a gym or at home that will help you maintain your physical health to prevent aches and pains and even breaks and tears.

Physical Therapy has come a long way in recent years. What was once just a routine person to see after surgery or an injury is now someone you can see often without a referral (not all insurance is created equal, be sure to check your insurance coverage first to ensure a referral is not needed) who will help guide you to a level of fitness that you need to live your life free of pain.

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