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3 Common Job Search Strategies You Should Avoid

Posted by Brian Spence on Mar 16, 2016 8:00:00 AM

Job Search, Career AdviceMany job seekers get to a point in a search where you've sent out hundreds of applications and completed a handful of interviews, but you still haven't heard back from employers. It can be stressful to wait for those responses, and many times, the wait instills self-doubt. However, it's not the time to doubt yourself and your skills. Instead, you should doubt some common but wrong advice everyone uses.

Here are 3 job strategies that many mistakenly follow and how to correct these mistakes.

  1. Apply to every job you see. Applying for every available job might increase your chances for an interview, but it's a huge time-waster. For one, the quality of your applications will decrease when you're trying to send as many resumes out as possible. You'll also be spending more time in interviews for jobs you don't even want. Instead, work towards a goal and focus on quality, not just quantity.

  2. Fill your resume with key buzzwords. Many job seekers will throw in a bunch of buzzwords that they think will impress the employer, but this strategy can backfire. More often than not, the buzzwords are used incorrectly or don't provide real descriptions of your work. Instead of using words like "optimize" or "detail-oriented," use metrics and plain language to describe your past work.

  3. Speak about your biggest weakness as a backdoor positive. Ending a great interview with this piece of advice can hurt your chances of getting the job. Many people say they "work too late" or "care too much" as a way to turn a positive trait into a negative one. However, most employers see backdoor positives as fake traits. They then think the applicant is oblivious of their real strengths and weaknesses.

Instead, you should honestly talk about your weaknesses and address how you work through them. If you can provide solutions for your weaknesses, employers will see that you're self-aware and honest.

So as you send off your next resume or prepare for a job interview, remember these three common pieces of advice and avoid them. To get the best job advice, visit the Job Search or Career Advice sections of our blog.

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