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3 Behavioral Health Charities Highlighted on Celebrity Apprentice

Posted by Brian Spence on Feb 2, 2015 8:00:00 AM

Behavioral Health, Healthcare Staffing, Autism, Social Work, Developmentally DisabledCelebrity Apprentice is the perfect show to bring awareness to issues affecting our country, and this season behavioral health has finally received its voice! Thanks to three celebrity contestants that have founded, or picked, charities that help those with behavioral or developmental challenges, Americans are getting a dose of awareness, and hopefully are realizing how important these jobs are to our citizens.

Geraldo Rivera Lends Voice to Behavioral Health

Geraldo Rivera may not be the most lovable character on the show, but he has definitely earned his stripes advocating for those who have lost their "voice". Being an advocate for behavioral and developmental health is an important job, and Geraldo Rivera has not let an opportunity pass on the show to mention that. His passion for his charity Life's WORC brings value to the social work field, and brings awareness to how important it is for people with developmental disabilities and autism to be able to lead an independent life. Life's WORC lets these people lead normal lives instead of being institutionalized and subjected to abuse. These careers are often forgotten even though they are one of the most important.

Leeza Gibbons Provides Support for Caregivers

After the death of her mother from Alzheimer's, Leeza Gibbons made it her life's mission to tell her mother's story and create a charity that offered support to those who helped people with behavioral health problems and progressive illnesses. These caregiving jobs are tough, but can be less taxing with the proper community support. Leeza Gibbons is certain to inform America of these challenges and offer solutions through her charity, Leeza's Care Connection. 

Gilbert Gottfried Speaks for Autism

Gilbert Gottfried's charity story is quite interesting! He stumbled upon a story of a dad who was able to communicate to his son through a puppet show with Iago from Aladdin. Gottfried was the voice of Iago in the movie, so the story really touched him. From there, he became an advocate for Autism Speaks and was able to teach America about the importance of helping those who need help communicating with Autism. Those who work in this field have the ability to change lives, and Gottfried realized that. 

Interested in changing lives, too? Then contact us for more information about careers in behavioral health.

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