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2014 Pharmacists Theme "Access Pharmacists & Access Health"

Posted by Brian Spence on Sep 25, 2014 8:00:00 AM

World Pharmacists Day, Pharmacy, Allied HealthPharmacists work hard on your behalf to make sure your medications are properly administered. They are a safeguard between you and medication errors including allergies, unsafe medication interactions, pregnancy or breastfeeding medication restrictions, safety recalls and dosing or prescription errors.

These individuals help patients get the medications they need safely and effectively.  It is no wonder that that the International Pharmaceutical Federation has named September 25th Worldwide Pharmacists Day! September 25th is a great day to celebrate the professionals who administer medications for you, your family or your patients.

They not only dispense medication, but they also give medical advice, promote responsible use of medication and increase the medical supply availability to medically underrepresented areas of the world.

The theme for this year's observance is "Access to Pharmacists is Access to Health" According to the International Pharmaceutical Federation, this theme was chosen because, "In 2012, a study quantified that 500 billion USD could be saved every year if responsible use of medicines was achieved and pharmacists have been identified as a strong and under-utilized asset to achieve responsible use of medicines. The perfect combination is therefore access to medicines and pharmaceutical expertise, or in other words, to pharmacists."

Your pharmacist will be using this annual event to bring attention to the valuable role they can play world wide to improving medicine. You can use this day to recognize them and let them know you appreciate the work they do!

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