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10 Tips to Help Speech Therapists Avoid Burnout

Posted by Brian Spence on Jan 10, 2020 8:00:00 AM

Speech Therapy, Allied HealthIn many caregiving fields, such as speech therapy, it is possible to burn out quickly. You work pretty long hours, with a variety of patients with whom you have varying levels of success. At times, you may feel like your efforts are not being appreciated. Plus, you might end up working long hours in order to help patients who are not responding very well to treatment. All this can be frustrating and can lead to burnout.

In order to avoid this, it's necessary to take the following steps:

  1. Exercise. Although exercise may be tough to do in the beginning, it can help you stay focused in the long run. You'll be more alert and have more stamina when you're fit. You can start with something gentle like walking or yoga.

  2. Sleep. We all know it's necessary to get 8 hours sleep every night. If you don't get this one night, your brain is likely to be less efficient the next day and the fatigue collects over time. So try winding down an hour before you go to sleep by avoiding TV and doing something low key like reading.

  3. Eating Right. Make sure you get adequate protein as well as fruits and veggies everyday. This will help keep your energy levels up in the long run.

  4. Mindfulness. Take a moment every so often to figure out how you're feeling and what you need. Are you stressed and hassled or alert and active? This will help you to figure out what your body and mind need.

  5. Work/Life Balance. It's best to make sure that you spend an adequate amount of time outside of work, either to hang out with your friends and family or to pursue a hobby or passion.

  6. Relaxation. It's necessary to take some time out to relax every now and then, either by reading a book, taking a walk or just doing nothing.

  7. Meditation. This is yet another great way to relax and get your mind focused and active for whatever you need to do next. It's also great for problem-solving.

  8. Time for Yourself. Remember to take some time out for yourself everyday and do exactly what you want, not what people at work, people at home or your friends expect you to do. That's right. You are your own first priority!

  9. Hobbies. It's always nice to have a hobby which you pursue, not because it's going to bring you money but because you just like doing it. So whether you love art, pottery, reading or origami, make some time for it.

  10. Socializing. The number one thing which has been proved to make people happy is having good relationships with their friends, loved ones and their community in general. So make an effort to nurture these bonds.

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